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THD Series Hopper Dryers

Hopper Dryers are mainly applied to plastic material drying.  Hot air is used to dry all wet materials which gain an even hot air flow to improve drying efficiency for assuring quality of products.  Hopper capacities rang from 12kgs ~1000kgs can be offered for selection.

Exhaust air filter (option) can filter the dust-contain air effectively from discharging to the surrounding area.  Hot air recyclers (option) to make hot air form a semi- closed circulated loop to speed up hot air circulation for shorten heating time to achieve energy saving up to 30%.



TAL Series Single Autoloaders


Single Autoloaders adapt carbon brush high-speed rectificative motors.  All these models also feature light weight, small footprint,great suction power, easy installation and operation.  It can be mounted onto hopper dryers or plastic molding machines directly which not only install easily but also save space.  The maximum conveying capacity can achieve at 250kgs/ h


TTW Series Water Type Mold Temperature Controllers


Water Type Mold Temperature Controllers use water as heating media to realize heat exchange by direct cooling for standard temperature control from 120~160℃ or indirect cooling for high temperature control 180℃.  Water type has its superiorities with high efficient

heat transmission, less pollution, water resource easy to be attained with low cost.  


Hopper Receivers


Hopper Receivers are fitted with sensors to control materials suction smoothly.  Diverse Hopper Receivers – standard type, stainless type and for optics type are provided according to customers' various requirements.  Stainless hopper receivers ensure no contamination to raw materials and they are equipped with see-through window to monitor materials levels which are

especially suitable for application of optics.  They can be mounted onto plastic injection molding machines directly or to work with

separated autoloaders and give more convenient on cleaning or changing materials.


ER Series Standard Hopper Receivers、FSR Series Optics Stainless Steel Hopper Receivers、

SR Series Stainless Steel Hopper Receivers、CSR Series Central Stainless Steel Hopper Receivers.