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GP Series Powerful Granulators


Powerful Sound - Proof Granulators are specially designed for crushing various rigid plastics to recycle with high-efficiency.  Superior cutter

design has 3 types - flake, flat and claw type.  Claw cutter has the characteristics of scattering force even to make each blade giving strong shearing force to reduce cutter wearable, especially are suitable for hard & thick products cutting. The granulators are specially designed

with multiple electricity safety devices to ensure safety protection

TGB Series Gravimetric Blenders


Gravimetric Blenders are extensively configured to handle two of up to six different components by dosing & blending in total throughput

from 5kgs/hr to 1000kgs/hr; generally including virgin, regrind materials, masterbatch and other various additives.  The series adapts

precision load cells to make batch blend resulting in a highly accuracy within ±0.5%. (accurate tolerances are varied according to batch to

batch blend ratio).  Full wide range of this series can satisfy versatile requirements on high precision blending.